Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism

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Antenna Fundamentals

And the rest is just arguing the theta. But why this is somehow predicted as stated in the problem?


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Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow for October 4, Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: How do we handle problem users? An apology to our community, and next steps. Description: Over the years, DSN has helped in improving our understanding of the universe and the solar system by providing vital radio and radar astronomy observations.

Three portable radio tracking stations were deployed in California, Nigeria and Singapore to support receiving telemetry and plotting orbit of the first successful U. DSN presently consists of three strategically placed communications facilities approximately degrees apart from each other around the Earth. This strategic placement helps in constant uninterrupted observation of the spacecraft as the earth rotates, by smooth handover from one site to another.

These sites were chosen because of their bowl shaped semi-mountainous terrain which helps in shielding radio frequency interruptions.

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The DSN has high-gain parabolic reflector antennas that are fully steerable and make it the largest and most sensitive scientific telecommunications network in the world. It is located in Byalalu village, about 40 km from Bengaluru. Similar networks are run by Japan, Russia, China, and Europe.

It is a system to improve the accuracy of a global navigation satellite system GNSS receiver by providing reference signals. The GAGAN's goal is to provide a navigation system to assist aircraft in accurate landing over the Indian airspace and in the adjoining area and applicable to safety-to-life civil operations.

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  7. Electromagnetic Waves.
  8. The third payload of the system will be launched with GSAT satellite which is scheduled for launch in late of The total approximate cost of the project is Rs 7. GAGAN is the first Satellite-Based Augmentation System in the world which has been certified for approach with vertical guidance operating in the equatorial ionospheric region.

    GAGAN covers the area from Africa to Australia and has expansion capability for seamless navigation services across the region. This makes airline operations more efficient and effective, increase air safety, and fuel efficiency. Further, with vertical guidance at runways, a significant cost will be saved due to withdrawal of ground aids and reduced workload of airline crew and traffic controllers. This makes India the third country in the world which has such precisionapproach capabilities. GAGAN has been developed for aviation but it will provide benefits to other sectors as well like transportation, railways, surveying, maritime, highways, telecom industry, and security agencies.

    Definition: Electromagnetic waves or EM waves are waves that are created as a result of vibrations between an electric field and a magnetic field. In other words, EM waves are composed of oscillating magnetic and electric fields.

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    Description: Electromagnetic waves are formed when an electric field comes in contact with a magnetic field. The electric field and magnetic field of an electromagnetic wave are perpendicular at right angles to each other. They are also perpendicular to the direction of the EM wave.

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    EM waves travel with a constant velocity of 3. They are deflected neither by the electric field, nor by the magnetic field. However, they are capable of showing interference or diffraction. An electromagnetic wave can travel through anything - be it air, a solid material or vacuum. It does not need a medium to propagate or travel from one place to another. Mechanical waves like sound waves or water waves , on the other hand, need a medium to travel. EM waves are 'transverse' waves. The highest point of a wave is known as 'crest', whereas the lowest point is known as 'trough'.

    Electromagnetic waves can be split into a range of frequencies. High built-in battery costs and range anxiety are the of the most common drawbacks to purchasing an EV today, and the century-old infrastructure tailored primarily for gasoline or diesel powered vehicles is only slowly adjusting to fit the charging needs the limited electric fleet.

    Charging Ahead: An Itroduction to Electromagnetism

    Residential charging may require upgrading an outlet from a volt to a volt capacity for overnight charging, which could be inconvenient and a financial turn-off for consumers. Commercial and public charging infrastructure is also in its infancy, although companies like eVgo are already crafting ways to attract residences and businesses alike in population-dense clusters expected to be hotspots in the future 1.

    What might not be as commonly known is the research behind transforming the way that EVs can charge up on the road. The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology KAIST has been working on developing their technology called the online electric vehicle OLEV system for cars to be capable of charging themselves as they are driven on the road by way of wireless power transmission 2.

    Installing coils in the roads and the cars would allow for electromagnetic induction between the two, leaving little to no need for any plugging in. An immediate benefit to EVs would be ridding themselves of the costly and very heavy battery packs, greatly reducing overall weight and increasing efficiency. This means that safety and user handling would improve; breaking distances would be shorter, reducing the chance of rollovers and fender benders.

    go to site Researchers in Spain found that artificially engineered materials called metamaterials would be crucial to transferring the energy 3. These special magnets are just the types that are being put to the test on roads, at stops lights, residences, parking garages, etc. Today, KAIST is at the forefront of wirelessly powered vehicles by using magnetic resonance coupling.

    This reduces the air gap between the coils, improving overall efficiency. In Korea, the technology is currently being used in mass transit applications.


    As of February, passing vehicles equipped with the coils are harnessing kW of power at 60 kHz. Compare this to the prototypes of about kW of power at 20 kHz — a transmission increase of about 3 times 4. Health risks from exposure to electromagnetic fields are a concern but the OLEV and its vehicles are designed to keep the amount under the safety limit adopted by most countries of 6.

    Aside from technical endeavors to increase efficiencies for a more diverse fleet, the primary obstacle for this revolutionary technology is an economic one.

    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism
    Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism

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