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The executive who hires a prostitute to tie him up and beat him is generally unaware that he is merely re-staging the fantasy which Leopold imagined and detailed over a hundred years ago. Shortly after they had married, Wanda and Sacher-Masoch drew up a contract which she wrote under his direction and he signed:. Prove that you will have the courage to become my husband, my lover, and my dog. You must completely give up your Self.

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You will have no will besides mine…You are nothing but a slave at my feet, and I can exert all forms of cruelty, and if I mutilate you, you shall accept it without complaint. You must work for me like a slave, and if I live in luxury and leave you in need; if I trample you, you must without protest kiss the foot that crushes you. You have nothing besides me; I am everything for you…If I ask you to commit a crime, you must become a criminal to obey me…If you cannot stand my domination; if these chains become too heavy for you, then I will have to kill you, because I will never give you back your freedom.

Leopold may well have pretended to be the victim during their whipping sessions, but afterward Wanda remained his economic plaything.

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Despite the masochistic rituals which some have interpreted as socially radical behavior, the under lying power dynamics remained faithful to the status quo—according to Wanda these games were not consensual. Why does it not advance to the root of the evil , so as to sweep away all of this old rotten institution of marriage—so contrary to our modern thoughts and feelings? Or if it cannot sweep it away, then ignore it? The woman and the man will not be bound by law but solely by their will , their love and their friendship.

Wanda von Sacher-Masoch

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Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda Confessions of Wanda
Confessions of Wanda

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