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The Emancipation Proclamation | National Archives

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Emancipation means you are legally separated from your parents or guardian and do not have to live with them. The law in Kansas emancipates you when you are 18 years old. Having a baby does not make you legally emancipated.

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Your parents cannot emancipate you so they are no longer legally responsible for financially providing for you. It is possible to become emancipated prior to the age of 18, which is called an Emancipated Minor. If you will be 18 in six months or less, there is not time to complete the emancipation process before you turn 18 and are automatically emancipated. What changes when you become emancipated? If you become emancipated, you will have some of the rights that come with adulthood. You must stay in school until you graduate from high school or reach the age of You cannot work as many hours as you want.

Your employer still must follow all child labor laws and work permit rules. Statutory rape laws still apply to you.

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If you have sex, your partner can still get in trouble with the law. You cannot legally drink alcohol until you are When you become emancipated: You lose your right to have financial support — your basic living expenses and health care — paid by your parents or guardian. Your parents or guardian will no longer be legally or financially responsible if you injure someone. Being emancipated does not automatically make you eligible for public benefits.

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In its final form, the Emancipation Proclamation would free the slaves in areas that were not under Union control as of January 1, , when it went into effect. This meant it did not apply in the border states or places such as…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!


How Do I Become an Emancipated Minor? | Jose’s Runaway Reality

By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. In the current and former British West Indies islands the holiday Emancipation Day is celebrated to mark the end of the Atlantic slave trade. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Notion of attaining civil and political rights or equality. For other uses, see Emancipation disambiguation. For the American trip hop artist, see Emancipator musician.

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