Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels

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Pilot Parallel Anatomy

No human anatomy classes, and I'm going through what our first unit is going to be in real life.

Your internal clock (circadian rhythms)

Yay, being a teenager sucks, get me the brain bleach please! Oh, well, I suppose, we can't be that different, can we? Well, I'm really starting to think that it's a good thing that I haven't had lunch yet because, well, let me just put it this way: I think I'll never think about myself in the same way. Of course I know that I've said it before, but I'll say it again- I had no clue what I was getting into. Maybe I should get one, because I sure as heck didn't think the first day of my new life was going to be quite like this.

Then again, I'm a newbie here and I'm still feeling kind of overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle Back on Terra, there were more than enough mammals in the halls at pretty much all times so that if I wanted to hide in the throngs like I really, really, really want to do right now, I could. Unfortunately for this here fox, there's no such luck right here, right now. Instead, I'm faced with the fact that I need to keep on trucking through this day, and- ow!

Score another bruise for my tail, that human was too glued to whatever blue glowing thing he's holding to have seen my tail. Yeah, I need to keep my tail up, regardless of what people are going to think because, as I was saying, I've just managed to get it stepped on for the tenth? I don't know if they said anything about it in my Human Culture classes back on Terra- they probably didn't, and even if they did, I was asleep, just my luck, military school wears on a mammal- although it's considered rude on Terra to keep one's tail up, because then people think that you're that kind of mammal no, I'm not for sale, for flock's sake , here on Earth, keeping my tail up above its usual low droop is turning out to be somewhat of a necessity.

You know what's also a necessity? Getting lunch, because it's that time of day, oh my gods I'm hungry! I didn't get the chance to eat this morning, I was too darn worried about my first day I'm off track again, damn it Well, I hope that they have decent food here on Earth, I've heard good things about the pizza from my fellow classmates, who, for all their ignorance in regards to my tail, are actually turning out to be decent people. As soon as the bell rings, I spring forwards out of my seat and dash for the door to leave, only to have the teacher, Mrs.

Maple, stop my flight just as I'm about to step out into the hall.

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Confused but unwilling to take any more chances today, I do as I'm told and slump into my chair, chiding myself all the while in my head for screwing up again and, as I feel my ears flatten against my skull in shame, I hate myself. Bad fox, I think. Colossal screw up freak fox, just like always.

Run away like the mess you are, you flock-up! I just want to let you know something before you go, yeah? I don't need to be in trouble again, and I haven't eaten all morning; I'm hungry. Life likes to play games though, and instead of letting me go, she puts a paw- hand, rather, I'm always mixing the two up- on my shoulder, and I'm thankful that she's not angry with me.

Parallels or Parallelomania: How to Tell the Difference |

I really don't need another person rubbed the wrong way by a walking, talking fox aka me , because all I've been discovering over the course of the past few hours is that all the preparation I've done throughout the last fifteen years of my life has come to nothing That's a little different than ducking out of the way of flying glass bottles Maple asks, giving me the pitying look that my mother would give me after she got over being drunk and then came to realize what she did Usually hit me with the bottle or aim for my head if I was farther away Your fur's all ruffled up, your tail is sticking straight out behind you, and you look like you're wearing a mink collar," Mrs.

Maple says, looking at me with compassionate eyes. It's an expression, I realize, of course I didn't get it Oh, that's why- I'm so used to having to take everything literally or probably dying that sarcasm, whoosh, flies right over my head.

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Maple says, "animals never rose to sentience like they did on the other side of the Bridge. I may not know a whole awful lot of things about human culture, but of freaking course I know that animals never rose to sentience on Earth like they did on Terra, doesn't everyone? Maple," I whimper. Foolish fox. Screwup fox. And you think you can do this? Feeling foolish for being so arrogant and feeling my hackles rise in bitter anger for the who-knows-how-manyeth time that day, I try to make it up to her.

Now, if you'll please let me go to lunch, I'm starving. I have no idea where it is, but I can smell it.

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I follow my nose until I come to the cafeteria doorway, and go find my way to the end of the line, and I'm almost into the serving line when a gruff baritone voice comes from behind me and over my head. I turn around and gulp, because the human who I'm now facing is over two paws taller than me, and he doesn't look too happy In lieu of an answer, he picks me up by my arms, and before I can react, I'm sailing through the air, and that doesn't quite register until I crash into Alaina's lunch table.

As I pick myself up, I notice that everyone's staring at me, and I can't fight the fear from my heart. As if I've summoned him out of thin air hell, he might've actually done just that , the lunch monitor comes over to the table off of which I'm picking myself up, and from the look on his face, I'm going to be the one in trouble, not the asshole who chucked me over here, oh no no, of course not.

Yeah, that seems about right, seeing as this planet just seems to hate me. I can't seem to understand why, though, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The lunch monitor doesn't say anything else to me, only points his finger at my battered self, and then points out the door. Get out and I don't want to see you again. I think you know where you need go.

Once again, this world has shown me just how different it is from what I thought it would be I don't quite know what I was hoping for, maybe just to escape from some of the stereotypes if I just acted like as a human as I could, but no such luck. I don't want to push it with this guy, so I decide to just do what I'm told and head out of the cafeteria, tail between my legs, and ears splayed flat against the top of my head for the second time in just under four and a half hours.

It's an endless walk from the cafeteria to the principal's office, and thankfully not , I already know the way there.


Of course, the food that's clinging to my fur and clothes isn't helping anything- each and every single person that I pass by on my journey down the hallway gives me a wide-eyed stare, as if they can't understand why I'm covered in spaghetti sauce and bread crumbs, why I have tears running down my face no don't cry you freak. I don't understand how they can't show me some sympathy, not with all the pains in the tail that this building seems to serve as a haven for, but whatever.

They can go flock themselves, for all I care. Three minutes later, face burning red, tail starting to cramp from the way it's managing to keep itself wrapped around my legs, I make my way into the principal's office for the second time today, and make my way to the chair right in front of his desk, ears flattened against my skull in shame. He smiles sadly, then begins to speak, his fingers drumming the well-worn oak surface of his desk. I've already seen you once, and well, if this keeps up, I don't give a damn about the fact that you're an orphan, you can go back to Terra to die, for all I care.

Now spill, what did you do? He's already made up his mind to hate me, just like the rest of them. Oh, well, I might as well try though. All I did was get into the line to get my lunch, and then from behind me comes this huge tailhole- pardon my language- well, just to put it simply, sir, foxes don't fly well, but apparently we land in plates of spaghetti and sauce perfectly , and you know what, I actually like spaghetti, thanks for ruining it," I say, gesturing at my sauce-coated self, fighting my instinctive urge to flex my claws I'm the odd one out, the one who's going to be the simplest mammal on which someone can pin the blame I trust you, Theodore, now be honest, or I'll make good on that promise to ship you back.

The people in this school aren't mean. I know that for a fact, I've served here as their principal for the last three and a half decades. All I'm asking you to do is be honest with me, Mister Aspen. What did you do, young man, to get yourself covered in spaghetti sauce? I sigh, knowing that I've managed to get myself stuck into a situation that's going to be bad any way that it turns out- as I've heard it put, a lose-lose scenario.

Well, I'm going to be in trouble if I tell the truth, and to me, that means that I'm going to be in trouble if I lie, too, but this idiot's probably going to believe the lie, with my luck, but at least I'll be out of here, out of this room. He pushed in front of me in line, and I tried to push him out of the way. I don't know what they taught you back at home, Mister Aspen, but such behavior is not allowed on Earth. Detention is in the cafeteria after school, Theo, and I'm going to be expecting to see your face there for the next two weeks. Do you understand that?

Five minutes later, I'm standing in the gym's sole locker room, rinsing the last bit of sauce out of my fur. I hate the feeling of sodden fur, but what choice do I have, really? I don't want to smell like sauce for the rest of the afternoon, and so here I am, naked and wet, letting the cold water wash the sauce away and the stress with it. Noticing the full-length mirrors across the room, I turn the shower off and shake myself dry, then go to take stock of myself.

Needless to say, I don't like what I see. My usually pristine red-orange fur is frazzled, my ears are still droopy, and my tail feels like somebody cracked it, and I'm still crying suck it up and deal Theodore. Now, even though I didn't fight back, that doesn't mean that I couldn't have. I've had six years of training, I'm a lieutenant in the Terran army, I know how to fight I'm pretty well muscled, even if it doesn't really look it. I'm not like other mammals, I've still managed to stay slim, and my still very damp fur has decided that it wants to cling to me I'm soaked to the flesh and absolutely freaking freezing, and what am I supposed to do about that?

I don't have much time left, it's nearly the end of lunch. I want to hug my tail to warm up and dry off, help me calm down, but that would take forever. On the other paw, what options do I have, really? My clothes are soaked, I'm soaked, my ribs are killing me, and I'm running out of time, I realize as I catch sight of a clock.

At least there's paper towels, right?

A Room With a View Summary and Analysis of Chapters 13-16

My fur's going to look like scat, but unless I want to look like a mess, well, flock this scat. I'm not usually one to swear, but considering that the rest of my clothes are covered in sauce and soaking wet, and I sure hope nobody walks in on-. Tired and frustrated, my brain wonders why there's only one locker room and then automatically says 'yes, why not,' and those are the words that come out of the end of my muzzle before I can stop them. In she walks, only to see me, sopping wet and naked on the bench by the lockers.

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When she does, her paws go to her muzzle in shock, a small gasp slipping out the end of her mouth. If I'd wanted to be treated like this, I would've stayed in the orphanage Speaking of that, would you like my help getting the sauce out of your fur? Looks to me like you got it in even more places than I did. I hope you understand, I'm not trying to be mean, you know, but no, I don't feel quite comfortable enough to let you wash me. I am , however, going to need help getting my clothes from my locker after I'm done, if you don't mind.

Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels
Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels

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