The Bell of Girardius

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Returning to the subject at hand, chapter seven of Beaumont's work deals with the relation of the genii to the sense of hearing, to which he appends the following curious magical-alchemical material from Paracelsus:.

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I shall conclude this Chapter, with a Relation somewhat in this kind from Paracelsus; tho' how far Spirits may be concern'd in the Matter, I shall not determine. He begins the Sixth Book of his Archidoxes , thus. No Man can deny but Compositions of Metals, may Work wonderful things in Supernaturals, which may be made good by many Proofs, as I shall clearly shew beneath; for if you Compound all the Seven Metals in a due Order and fit time, and melt them together, as it were into one Mass, you will have such a Metal, in which all the Virtues of the Seven Planets are joyn'd together; you will find all these Virtues in that one Metal, which we call Electrum.

And beneath he writes; you must know that our Electrum which is Compounded of the Seven Metals drives away all evil Spirits; for in our Electrum , the Operation of the Heav'ns, and Influences of the Seven Planets are stor'd up. Therefore the Ancient Persian Magi , and the Chaldaeans found out and perform'd many things by its means. So far Paracelsus. I may here note, That some Persons have told my self, that they have seen a constellated Plate here in London , made of such Electrum , which, if put under a Man's Pillow at Night, will make him hear Heavenly Musick. The description of the magical bell immediately made me think of something I'd seen a few years back at the Henry Moore Institute , which in showed and exhibition of bronze from the collections of Emperor Rudolph II.

Among the objets d'art on display was a curious bell, supposed to have been cast in electrum magicum. The exterior, shown here, was embellished with florid images of the celestial powers, while - if my memory does not mislead me - there were magical sigils on the interior. Later I was to find similar bells of electrum magicum mentioned in connection to Girardius parvi lucii libellus de mirabilibus naturae arcanis for necromantic experients and discussed in some detail in L.

In one of the 'Solomonic' works appearing in Sloane , the bell replaces the trumpet and is rung toward the east before the magician begins his invocations.

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Personally the most interesting item above is Beamont's note about the 'constellated plate'. Perhaps there is an element of 'suggestion' here, relating to the phenomenon of auditory hallucinations that often occur when one is in the hypnagogic state preceding sleep for further anecdotes on this see Sacks' Musicophilia , Mavromatis' Hypnagogia , Zusne and Jones' Anomalistic Psychology , and so on. The story of the constellated disc also reminds me of the commonly recounted belief that Tibetan singing bowls are composed of an alloy of seven metals.

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Whether there is truth in this notion, which is often banded about in New Age circles, I am unsure, but it indicates that the fascination with the notion of electrum magicum as having peculiar and magical resonant qualities continues to the present day. She's so startled by sight of dead old man, she faints.

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Derek catches her. We see the long-haired man watching. Blake House Evening Derek takes Miranda home. Derek asks her mother about Anton, if his death was unexpected. Blake tells him Anton isn 't dead. She says Anton left Miranda because of her. She gives Derek a speech on aging.

Derek tells her life is for the living. Blake tells Derek she spoke to Anton that morning. Alex tells Nick that the inventory given to them by Miranda does not match their archives. She says the confusion looks deliberate.

Nick speculates that Miranda did it to cover the theft. Derek comes in and asks for a complete rundown on Anton Lazaroff. Nick recognizes the name as a violinist who died a couple of weeks back. Derek tells them about Miranda and her mother and that Anton's body is not in the crypt. Cemetery - Mausoleum Dusk Anton the long-haired man is having a tantrum.

The Bell of Girardius

Says he will teach Miranda what death means. He is in a rage that Miranda brought him back to life. He says that to die together is the only truth. Blake House Day Derek and Miranda are in her bedroom. Miranda tells him he shouldn't have followed her to the cemetery. Derek says he wants to help and asks about Anton. She tells him all she wants is Anton back.

Derek says it can 't be done. She asks Derek to leave. He tells her to rest. She asks him if he believes the dead forgive us our folly. Alex has found information about Anton. He died of a brain aneurysm on stage during rehearsal. The only child of a wealthy family. Blake House Dusk See Anton stalking through the woods.

He breaks into the basement of the house and kills their dog, Ernie, when it attacks him. She asks if he remembers what it does. Derek does vaguely. The Bell is used for the summoning of the dead. Made in by the goldsmith, Girardius. He made it for a mad Austrian countess whose only son had died.

She buried it in his grave to absorb the aura of death. Then when she removed it and rung it three times, her son was restored to life. The boy went mad and the only way to destroy him was by ringing the Bell three more times. Derek goes to see Miranda. Blake House Dusk Miranda is in her bedroom. She pulls the Bell out from under the bed.

The doorbell rings and Miranda goes to answer it. At first she believes it is Anton, but it's Derek. In the living room, he tells her he thinks she took the Bell. She is a curator and that is the reason nothing was damaged in the "theft ". He tells her she must send Anton back. She denies knowing what he means.

He tells her it's not Anton that she has called back. She asks him to leave. Blake House Night Miranda hears a noise in the basement and goes to investigate. Verification code check your email for the verification code. Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv. Also Watch Zatch Bell! Xiaolin Showdown.

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The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius
The Bell of Girardius The Bell of Girardius

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