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Because of this, sometimes a team with the hammer will deliberately avoid scoring at the end of a round if only one point is possible. Hog lines are the thick lines that stretch across the width of the ice 21 feet 6. Curlers who are throwing the stones must release the rock from their grip before the stone reaches the hog line. The stone must travel across the hog line on the opposite end of the sheet with each throw or it is removed from play.

To throw heavy means a curler has thrown a rock with more force than necessary to make the shot, meaning the stone will go farther than the curler wants it to. The hack is the black push-off block that curlers set their feet into just before they launch themselves down the ice with the stone.

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The hack at the distant end of the sheet is also used sometimes as a reference for how hard to throw the stone. A skip will sometimes call for "hack weight," indicating he or she wants the stone to be thrown with enough momentum to reach the hack.

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  • Hog line? Hammer? Decoding the 'H'-heavy lingo of curling.
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Watch curling for any amount of time and you'll notice the curlers scream a lot, and are particularly fond of screaming, "HARD! The skip will shout "HARD! Hog line? Decoding the 'H'-heavy lingo of curling AP.

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A climate science term hits the mainstream. On common nouns and falling leaves.

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It was our duty to inform you. You all would not have guessed some of these.

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Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Tough words and tougher competition. Which of these things doesn't belong?

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  • Hog line? Hammer? Decoding the 'H'-heavy lingo of curling.

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The Hammer The Hammer
The Hammer The Hammer
The Hammer The Hammer
The Hammer The Hammer
The Hammer The Hammer
The Hammer The Hammer

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