Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies

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Not only do the walkers have to spread the word about your cause in order to get sponsorships, but you can give away t-shirts that advertise what you're raising money for. From a city-spanning, timed marathon to a quick family one-miler, a fun run can be as easy as gathering on the local track or as complicated as you want to make it. The good news: runners like to run, and they're growing in numbers. Be creative and get people out moving! Pick a theme! Pick a season!

Top 5 Fun and Effective Youth Fundraising Strategies

Pick a location! Costume contest run through the cemetery at sunset? Ugly sweaters at the holidays? Red dress for Valentine's Day?

Be creative, pull together some swag and a party at the end, and turn exercise into a festive experience. Does your town have some haunted places? Organize a haunted walk to showcase them — or make the stories up yourself! You'll need to get willing guides who will rehearse their stories beforehand and dress up in a spooky costume. If you're not familiar with the history of your area, consider partnering with a museum or historical society to help you out.

Pick a cause, pick a theme, and get your co-workers or officemates to meet up for a charity lunch. Maybe it's the start of football season or the end of summer, charge for lunch and raffle off prizes to make a few dollars for a good cause. Try to secure donated or discounted food from local restaurants so no one has to worry about prep. Coordinate with a local beer garden to co-host a happy hour or dinner where a portion of the evening's sales go to your cause. You can get also more creative with themes, specialty offerings, drink specials, and games like cornhole or horseshoes, depending on your location.

Beer gardens may be more willing to host in exchange for a drink minimum for attendees which could potentially be included in your ticket cost. Coordinate with a bar or restaurant to co-host a regular or one-off happy hour or dinner where a portion of the evening's sales go to your cause. Sign up teams of four to compete in a series of off-the-wall "Olympic" events of your design. Teams pay to enter and spectators come to cheer them on and purchase food and drink!

Tricycle races, inflatable raft paddle, hamster wheel run, sponge toss, frisbee throwing, and more can all be part of a fun, messy afternoon. You'll have to come up with original and fun events for participants, especially when considering different ability levels. You'll also want to make sure you have a large enough space to host everyone, whether it's outside in a field or indoors in a larger event space. Create your organization's version of UberEats — get people to order food and then deliver it to them, either for breakfast or for another special occasion.

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

First, decide whether you're going to be preparing the food yourself or partnering with a local restaurant to deliver their food. This is a great activity to do in the winter when people are feeling lazy and don't want to leave the house! Bingo sets are generally pretty affordable and worth buying if you plan to repeat the event, but if not, party rental suppliers are a good option.

Consider selling refreshments as well — Bingo can be thirsty work! Consider partnering with a local Bingo hall to have an ongoing event where part of the proceeds go to your organization. People think of picnics as being in the park, but what if everyone brought blankets and ate under the stars in the center of Main Street?

Pick a non-picnic location, be sure to coordinate with local authorities, and sell tickets in advance for a community dine-together experience. The good news: they bring their own food and seating! Your responsibilities: location, parking and transportation, bathrooms, trash, and entertainment.

To make it even more fun, don't reveal the location until the same day!

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Just like a pop-up picnic, color al fresco is a pop-up dining experience in a unique location - but the twist is that everyone wears the same color! Often done in white, these dinners are gaining in popularity. Consider renting tables and chairs so the colorful centerpieces, outfits, and decor can be on full display! As above, you'll have to coordinate with local authorities to make sure everything goes smoothly. You'll also have to decide if you want to provide food to attendees or if they need to bring their own.

A throwback fundraiser! You've secured a big donation, and auctioning or raffling just won't cut it? Sell tickets and the "winners" get a chance to sit all together in a room with their hand-on-the-object. The last one to break contact wins! Securing a donation item can be a challenge, but start early and really sell businesses on your vision and cause.

How can you turn something everyone already loves into a fundraiser? Add-ons and markdowns. By partnering with a local spa, your event attendees will pay to enjoy the basic services — sauna, hot tubs, champagne, snacks — and a portion of any add-ons they schedule can go to your cause.

23 Ways to Raise Money for Your Political Campaign

Be sure to book in time slots so you can maximize your time at the spa and make sure they understand that the service providers aren't working for free and still require a tip! Getting free services is always a challenge, but work on selling your mission and vision in a compelling way to engage donors. Either at homes or at restaurants, groups gather to sample a multi-course meal at multiple walking distance, ideally locations. This could also take the form of a local food tour for your participants, or a cafe crawl.

Make sure everyone comes hungry! Make sure you reach out to restaurants early to begin mapping out a convenient route for your participants. Two competitive teams are pitted against each other for an exciting game of water polo. The catch: the participants must wear ridiculous costumes and always be inside of their polka dot inner tubes!

How to Raise Money for a Family in Need Through Crowdfunding

Sell tickets to this crazy game, pump the music, and be sure to stack the first row of seats with super soakers and water cannons and sell 5-minute slots in the "penalty box" so audience goers can torture their favorite players! Location is everything for this event!

Top Church Fundraising Ideas

Everyone has something to offer, and most folks are excited to share. Whether it's a knack for Greek cuisine, a best friend who owns a bakery, overnight preparation of meat in the backyard smoker, or just a pool. Encourage a group of "donors" to each plan a party for "strangers". Sell tickets to each party online or at your silent auction. You keep the proceeds, but don't have to actually host any guests! Reach out to potential hosts early to make sure they have a plan and are comfortable talking to strangers. You can choose to run this event as a typical speed dating night, or to run it in a way that directly benefits your organization for example, asking singles to help make care packages for your shelter.

Either way, sparks are sure to fly! Decide whether you want participants to make the lanterns themselves, or you can purchase them beforehand. You'll also need to have a plan to dispose of them afterwards — you wouldn't want your fundraiser to turn into a polluter. The Spring Lantern Festival is a Chinese holiday celebrated specifically to celebrate a Chinese legend.

It takes place on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar, and you can easily look up when it's happening this year — or simply incorporate this idea into another event. Some animals can be sensitive to new people. Make sure all your volunteers have some familiarity with animals, and that everyone has signed a liability form just in case. Consider partnering with your local SPCA, pet store, or pet grooming store to get pet washing advice. Make a list of world records you think your audience could break, and invite people to participate in doing so!

Charge a small fee for the privilege. It might take some combing through the Guinness World Record Book to find one you can actually break. Post clues on social media leading up to the big day, and get teams to participate by following the clues. Apps like Actionbound can also help you create an experience that teams won't forget! The main difficulty of this event lies in making sure your clues are hard enough to figure out that teams can't do it immediately, but not so hard that no one gets them. Consider having volunteers on hand to help answer questions if need be.

Try to get a local business to donate a prize, or have a couple of different ones set up for first, second and third prize. Collect old and chipped dishes your community no longer uses and hold a dish smashing event. It's a wonderful way to let anger out! Keep an eye on the health and safety — make sure no one is standing in the way of flying bits of broken crockery, and potentially provide safety goggles for your participants.

This event can take place at a coffee shop if it's in your budget , at someone's home, or your venue of choice. It's a great opportunity to share some warm drinks and snacks with community members, and for people to showcase their talents singing, dancing, poetry, etc. Numbers will be limited to the size of the venue, and if you're holding your event at a cafe or arts space, you might have to book out the whole space.

Almost anyone can plan a cooking class you don't have to be a chef! If you have access to a kitchen or can rent a space with one, you can put on a cooking class fundraiser in a variety of ways: i.

Each student pays a small fee to be involved. Cooking classes in your area might be willing to partner with you and donate part of the proceeds. Because they're global in scope, a traditional local fundraising event wasn't going to work. The premise is that people sign up then gather a team together.

We weren't sure how it would be received and knew it might be small for its first year, but has TONS of potential. We threw it out there and watched as people got excited and started signing up, even when back-to-back hurricanes rocked the US just before the event date. It was a fun way for people to participate and support the organization.

Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies
Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies
Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies
Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies
Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies
Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies
Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies Top 24 fundraising ideas with tips and strategies

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